Take Your Truck To The Next Level

Searching for that over-the-top look and wild off-road performance? Or perhaps a just a leveling kit and a new set of wheels to style your ride. Either way talk to the lift kit experts at Suburban Tire (ask for Bill at Glendale Heights, Nathan at St Charles, or Brent at Hanover Park). For most of our customers we recommend Rough Country kits, which are reasonably priced, easy to install, and perfect for most off-road vehicles. But, if you are looking for Pro-Comp, Skyjacker, Fox, Ready Lift, or any other brand of lift kit, we can do those too.

Lift Kit, Tire, and Wheel Packages

Designing a truck lift package is a major project, involving finding the right parts, tires and wheels, and professionally installing them and aligning the vehicle. This isn’t a job for a shade tree mechanic! We’ll make sure the right parts get ordered, the install goes smoothly, the alignment is done with precision, the tires are not too big or too small, and the wheels have the proper off-set so that the tires will not rub. You could buy all this stuff online and have your buddy try to do it in his garage, but this is an expensive proposition. Suburban Tire can manage the entire project for you, and will save you money when we do it all, as we can efficiently handle the entire job. 


Installing a lift kit is a major project which requires the undivided attention of our best technicians for a substantial chunk of time, usually a couple of uninterrupted days. Thus, we ask that you schedule an appointment at least a week in advance so we can get the parts shipped to the store, and that you plan to drop the vehicle off for 3 to 5 days so that our technician has sufficient time to do the install while still being able to help clients who drop in with emergency needs.