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Lifetime Tire Protection Plan

No matter the quality of tire you choose, no tire is bullet proof. Or nail proof. Or pothole proof. So for total peace of mind, consider adding our Lifetime Tire Protection Plan to your tire purchase. It supplements the tire manufacturer’s warranty, to cover you in case one of your tires gets damaged. If the tire can be safely repaired, we’ll do it for free during the usable life of the tread. If the tire cannot be safely repaired, we give you a new one. It’s that simple. The free tire replacement coverage is for the first three years of ownership. Installation and disposal charges are additional, and coverage on the new tire must be purchased. This is just one of the reasons why we’re the best place to buy tires in Chicagoland.

111% Price Guarantee

When you buy new tires from Suburban Tire Auto Repair Centers, we promise that our everyday low tire prices will be the best you can find on the tire brands in our curated collection. If within 30 days you find a lower price on an identical tire that you bought from us, we’ll refund you 111% of the difference!

Our policy covers identical tires only, and must be the same make and model, and must have the same speed rating, load index, and manufacturers sku. It excludes expired sales, coupon offers, pricing errors, instant rebates, mail-in offers, out of stock tires, and package deals.

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Lifetime Service After the Sale

To ensure that you get the maximum life expectancy out of your tires, every time you buy car tires from Suburban Tire, you get the following services:

  • Free Lifetime Tire Pressure Checks
  • Free Lifetime TPMS Light & System Resets
  • Free Lifetime Rebalancing
  • Free Alignment Checks
  • Free Lifetime Tire Rotations

We will not rotate tires with 4/32nds of tread or less, or if rotating the tires would result in the rear tires having 2/32nds of tread less than the front tires.

The Brands You Trust, at Prices That Can’t Be Beat!

We’ve been leaders in the tire industry for four decades, so you can trust our hand-picked selection of new tires for sale from the world’s top tire brands will provide you with the highest quality tires available within your budget. After years of customer feedback, training, and research into tire warranties, reviews, and market pricing, we believe these brands are not only the best quality but offer you the best bang for your buck.

Don’t see the brand you’re looking for? Call one of our tire experts at 630-SUBURBAN.
We can advise you on the quality of the tires, get you a price on them, and can likely get them from the warehouse within a day or two.

Professional Tire Installation

Our standard tire installation process includes everything you’ll need to get a fresh set of tires on your vehicle.

Professional Tire Installation

Our tire professionals are trained and certified by the Tire Industry Association and use state of the art tire changing equipment to remove your old tires from your wheels and to re-install the new ones, our training procedures combined with our top-of-the-line equipment helps us avoid tire damage and keeps wheels scratch free during the tire dismounting and mounting process.

Tire Balancing

Our Tire Industry Association certified professionals use state of the art tire balancing equipment to ensure the weight of the tire and wheel assembly is evenly distributed all around the center point of the wheel. If the weight is not distributed evenly, you will feel a vibration at speeds over 50 MPH. To correct an imbalance problem, we’ll attach wheel weights to the wheel opposite from the heaviest spot in the tire. The weights will counteract the heavy spot and smooth out the ride.

Hand Torque Lug Nuts

When installing your tires, our technicians follow the “RIST” procedure to ensure the wheels are properly attached to the car. This involves:

  • R = Removing debris from the mounting surface of the wheel and the rotor.
  • I = Inspecting components for damage, excessive wear, or other issues.
  • S = Snugging the lug nuts in a star pattern so the wheel is properly seated.
  • T = Torque the lug nuts by hand to the manufacturer’s specifications.

These procedures help us ensure that the proper clamping force is applied to the wheels to reduce the changes of a wheel coming loose.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Reset

Since the 2008 model year, all vehicles have come standard with a tire pressure monitoring system. For most vehicle this involves a sensor attached to the base of the valve stem. The sensor monitors the air pressure inside the tire and if the air pressure is 25% too low (or too high), the monitor will transmit a signal to vehicle’s computer, which will then turn on the infamous TPMS warning light. After we have installed your tires, we will set the tire pressure to the manufacturer’s specification, and then reset the sensors so they communicate properly with the car’s computer. With some vehicles this is done automatically as the vehicle heads down the road. Consider these popular add-ons when you have your tires installed.

Your Old Tires Will Be Recycled Locally

When you shop new tires with us, every tire that you leave with us is taken to a recycling facility in Montgomery Illinois, where they recycle and repurpose tires. Some of the tires are used for making industrial products such as bumpers for loading docks, but most are ground into very small pieces. Once the tires are shredded, a large magnet is used to remove the steel from the rubber crumb. The steel (shown in this picture) is recycled into beams and car parts, and the rubber crumb is used to make mulch and as a filler in asphalt.

Our Family’s Guarantee to You

Duke Leffler founded Suburban Tire in 1976 with a 100% commitment to great tire prices, honest dealings, and expert automotive repairs. Three generations of Lefflers promise to keep Duke’s commitment alive so you will be 100% satisfied every time you step through our doors. Our mission is to give our clients a world class tire and auto repair experience with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Tire Installation Options

Consider these popular add-ons when you have your tires installed.

Go Green with Nitrogen

Maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires is key to maximizing the life of your tires. Because it is a larger molecule that oxygen, nitrogen migrates through a tire up to 4 times slower that Oxygen. A tire filled with compressed air will typically lose about a pound of pressure per month, while a tire with nitrogen will only lose a pound every 3 or 4 months. As a result, tires inflated with nitrogen tend to last longer, and because they maintain proper air pressure for longer, they have better fuel economy which means clearer air and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Road Force Tire Balancing

For precision tuned suspensions, or vehicles that have a history of vibration issues at high speeds, we recommend having your tires Road Force Balanced when they are installed. Some tires have an area that is firmer than other areas of the tire. This results in variable force striking the road during each revolution. This can cause a noticeable vibration. Road Force balancing can be used to diagnose and prevent this type of vibration, making for smooth sailing.

Replacement TPMS Valves

Gone are the days when valve stems were just made of rubber and a simple brass schrader valve. Today’s TPMS valves are complicated and fragile electronic devices. The stems build up corrosion, and sometimes snap off, and the batteries in the sensors start wearing out at about year seven. This means that the batteries in the original sensors will start winking out at just about the time the driver discovers it’s time for their second set of tires. So, if you’re driving a vehicle that’s nearing or past its seventh birthday, consider replacing all of your TPMS sensors. We recommend using rubber aftermarket TPMS sensors, as they are less temperamental than the typical original equipment sensors.

Wheel Alignment

When you shop new tires for sale at Suburban Tire, we’ll inspect your old tires to see how they are wearing. If they are showing signs of wear due to the alignment being out of specification, we’ll check your vehicle’s wheel alignment. This free service is offered to reduce pollution, improve safety, and help you get the most mileage out of your tires. If your vehicle’s wheel alignment is out of spec, then we’ll show you the read out and offer to perform the wheel alignment service for you. To prevent premature tire wear, we recommend that you have your wheel alignment checked at least once per year, or if you ever feel the car is drifting or pulling to one side or the other.

We offer tires for every passenger car, light truck, and SUV.

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