Is Your Car Heater Not Working? If it’s not, this can be dangerous, especially when the next polar vortex comes spinning down from Canada. Your heater not only keeps you warm, it’s also a critical safety feature. In cold weather, warm water vapor from your breath condenses on the cold windows causing them to fog up. Warm air from the heating system is used to warm the windows, eliminating the fog so the driver can clearly see their surroundings. The heater is also critical in melting snow and ice that builds up on the outside of the windshield. So even though most folks don’t think of the heater as a safety item, it truly is critical for safe driving in Chicago winters.

There are several possible reasons why you may not be getting enough heat in the passenger compartment of your vehicle:

  • The blower motor might not work due to a bad resistor, or the motor could be shot
  • The heater core might be clogged or restricted, preventing heat exchanging
  • The blend doors that control which vents the air comes out of might be jammed
  • The actuators that control the blend doors may have malfunctioned
  • The thermostat may not be keeping the engine coolant warm enough
  • There could be a leak in the hoses that bring warm coolant to the heater core
  • Control valves could get stuck

Confused? We’re not. Our ASE Certified Master technicians can fix any of these problems. Just give your nearest store a call to arrange an appointment. When you drop the vehicle off, one of our technicians will inspect and diagnose the problem, and with your approval will complete the repair. We’ll make sure your heating system is operating properly and that you’re comfortable and safe on the road.