For three generations, Suburban Tire Auto Repair Centers has offered the best batteries available on the market. Today we offer The Duke, a 7-year battery made right here in the USA by East Penn Manufacturing. East Penn has the world’s largest single-site lead-acid battery manufacturing factory in Lyons Pennsylvania where they completely recycle 30,000 automotive batteries per day and turn them into new ones. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that cranks out the best batteries on the market today in an environmentally friendly manner.

Free Battery Testing

You turn the key… and nothing happens. No lights. No Horn. No Radio. Nada. Not a good way to start your Monday. You should be motoring to your destination, but instead you’re calling a tow truck.  You don’t want this to happen and neither do we. That’s why we offer free battery testing on every car, every day. We’ll hook up our testing unit to your car’s battery and give you a readout detailing your batteries condition with regards to its cold cranking amps, volts, and reserve capacity.

How long do car batteries last?

Of course, the lifespan of a car battery depends on several factors, including the initial quality of the battery, how hard of a life it has lived, and the environmental conditions it is lived in. It is the heat of the summer that is the culprit that damages a battery, but you usually do not find out the battery is weak until winter when the battery is put under greater stress. On average, the typical battery in the US lasts 42 to 48 months. So, if it is more than 4 years old, or if it’s testing under 12 volts, you are living on borrowed time. If you are not sure how old the battery is, look for a sticker like the one below to check it’s born on date.

The Suburban Tire Battery Guarantee

All automotive battery purchases include:

  • Our promise that your new battery will meet or exceed the battery specifications for your car or truck
  • Professional installation by a trained technician
  • A – fresh battery no more that 6 months old – guaranteed!
  • Our guaranteed lowest price on a comparable quality battery and installation
  • A hassle-free nationwide warranty

Battery Installation & Terminal Cleaning Service

It used to be easy to install batteries. Open the hood, loosen a few bolts, clean up the battery terminals, drop in the new battery, and away you go. It was so easy that a lot of shops just added twenty dollars to the price of the battery and did the installation for free. That still works for some cars, but many of today’s cars require a significant amount of time to do a battery installation. The engine compartments on many vehicles have gotten so tight, that the vehicle manufacturers are sticking the battery in places like the trunk, or under the back seat, or in the wheel well. This has made quoting installation prices on batteries a nightmare. Until we open the hood, we do not know if it is a 15-minute job or a 2-hour job. So, our policy now is that we will install any battery that takes ½ hour or less for $39.99, which includes cleaning the battery terminals. If the battery installation process takes longer than half an hour, we charge by the book hour.

Suburban Tire Will Recycle Your Car Battery

When you buy a battery from Suburban Tire Auto Repair Centers, we will recycle your old battery for you at no charge. The batteries are collected at our warehouse and then shipped to the East Penn factory in Lyons, PA where they are 100% recycled and turned into new batteries. Here is a short video from them showing how it’s done: